Walter Van Beirendonck

Luxury 2023 journal by designer Walter Van Beirendonck

A daily inspiration to follow your guts and
be you  

a limited number of copies available 


€ 79,99

Welcome to the world of Walter Van Beirendonck. The famous designer from Belgium is a staple in today’s creative fashion industry. One of the illustrious Antwerp Six, Walter revels in both craftsmanship and experiment.

Over thirty years, Walter has asked questions about gender and identity, about community and well-being. He’s been a visionary in the true sense of the word.

Today, we are proud to present The Journal 3023. Not just a day-to-day diary for lovers of pen and paper. But  an object for people who want to feel the Waltervibe every single day.

The Journal 3023 is a unique gift for fans of the Walter Van Beirendonck brand, featuring pictures of his latest collections and several shoots he did with photographers who captured the essence of his brand. Expect splendid images of his work and slogans that have always illuminated Walter’s world.

The Journal 3023 is a splendid slice of Walters' work, to keep close everyday. A present from the heart. Maybe something for you?   

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Language: English
Borgerhoff & Lamberigts
October 2022
79,99 EURO


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